About Piemonte

Located in Northwest Italy, and bordering France and Switzerland, Piemonte is a region that epitomises much of what makes Italy such a desirable destination: beautiful architecture, incredible landscape views, and, of course, phenomenal cuisine. The wineries of Piemonte produce the ‘King’ of Italian wines - the mighty Barolo, and its truffles are some of the best in the world. In fact, when planning a trip to Piemonte, it is worth considering travelling in early October for the opening of the truffle season in Alba. The market will blow you away - truffle in every possible form is sold here . . . Restaurants throughout the region boast truffle laden menus, and, combined with a bottle of infamous Barolo, or even a Dolcetto or Barbera, visitors are in for a very special treat. It is also possible to go truffle hunting, which is a fantastic experience for aficionados of the fungus.