About Perth and Margaret River

Perth is the most isolated city of its size on the planet, yet somehow its remote location has fostered a certain open-mindedness an outward-looking world view amongst its residents. As a result, the city is booming culturally, with a fervent, constantly growing art and international food scene. Perth is also becoming easier to travel to from other countries, with direct flights from much of Asia and the Middle East, and the new Perth-to-London ‘Dreamliner’ direct flight opening up Europe as a convenient destination for the first time with a total flight time of 17 hours.

From Perth, it’s an easy three hour coastal drive down to the Margaret River region. Blessed with mild temperatures and long sunny days, Margaret River is a popular destination for visitors looking to enjoy the amazing beaches and work class surf breaks along the coast. Margaret River also happens to produce over 15% of Australia’s premium wine, and with over 100 wineries to choose from, this is another fabulous reason to visit the area. With good wine often comes good food, and the produce here is exceptional - showcased in the area’s many exquisite restaurants as well as at the infamous Gourmet Escape food festival held in the area each year.

Best Time to Visit

We have been advised that there is an abundance of flies in the Margaret River region in December. So best to travel either side of this month. February - April would be ideal.