About Melbourne

Melbourne is Sydney’s older sister in many ways. Grittier, more international and culturally rich, it is very much the trendsetting city of the Southern Hemisphere. Food, coffee, and art play a huge roll in day to day life here. Sport, also plays an extremely large role in the social fabric of the city, earning it an almost religious place in its residents’ hearts. Some of the world’s most impressive international sporting events take place here, including the Australian Open Tennis, Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup and the Boxing Day Test. Melbourne is also the gateway to some fantastic sightseeing, with the Great Ocean Road, Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula all easy day trips from the city.

Best Time to Visit

March to May is the ideal time to visit Melbourne, as the autumn foliage adds an element of charm to the city. It is also during these months that various food and wine festivals are held in the city.