Our Philosophy

The concept of luxury as it relates to travel has changed in recent years. ‘Luxury travel’ today is less about conspicuous consumption, and more about experiencing a deep connection with a destination. As a result, well-heeled travellers are increasingly looking for an authentic and personalised experience when travelling. Big name hotel chains and well trodden tourist traps are on the out, with travellers instead seeking out secret bolt-holes and genuine local experiences.

Personalisation is a particularly important element of the modern traveller’s experience. This begins at the planning stages of a holiday, and continues through to the service received throughout the trip, and the memories brought home at the end. This new definition of luxury travel sums up our philosophy at Timothy Oulton Travel, and we aim to provide every one of our clients a truly authentic and genuine travel experience.

Raquel Fernandez Prieto

The service we received from Alex at Timothy Oulton Travel was simply wonderful. She was in direct contact from the start to better understand our needs, and to provide us with the best options to suit our tastes. She made the booking of our trip incredibly easy. Once we had decided on what it was that we wanted, Alex was available for any changes or other requests we had, of which there were more than a few, right up until the end. And before we left on our journey we were provided with a very detailed and helpful itinerary. We will definitely use the services of Timothy Oulton Travel again in the future.

Raquel Fernandez Prieto

Susan Quick

Planning a trip with Timothy Oulton Travel was an absolute pleasure. Alex has unlimited knowledge about every beautiful, unique hotel in Europe, Asia and Africa! The team at Timothy Oulton Travel worked magic planning our around the world (14 flights!) trip of a lifetime.

Susan Quick, U.K

Client Benefits

At Timothy Oulton Travel, we believe in nurturing relationships. Our clients choose to work with us because we go the extra mile and predict their travel needs and requirements based on historical information.


We build a personal profile for every client and ensure that each trip is tailored according to their individual preferences. Based on these preferences, we are able to proactively suggest suitable holiday destinations and keep our clients updated with relevant new hotel openings.


Our clients' loyalty means everything to us, and we in turn strive to show our appreciation for the relationship we have built. One such way we do this is to surprise our clients with a meaningful gift for every third trip they book through Timothy Oulton Travel. From Timothy Oulton travel accessories, to spa treatments and limousine transfers, get ready to be spoilt!


Our Insider Guides contain a treasure trove of fabulous recommendations for each destination. Each guide has been painstakingly curated by in-the-know locals (all connected to our Timothy Oulton family), hailing from over 50 countries around the world.

Our Team

The Timothy Oulton Travel team are mad about travel and
discovering fantastic new destinations and hotels. Meet them below:

Chris Brannick - Managing Director

Chris has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years, including 12 years with Timothy Oulton, managing corporate travel for the Halo group. He provides a concierge style level of service for his clients, specialising in complex multi-sector itineraries, utilising his extensive knowledge of airlines, routes, and air fares.

Chris is a big sports fan, and as a result, much of his travel revolves around attending major sporting events. Mauritius, Australia, and New Zealand are on his destinations bucket list for the near future.

Alexandra Harris - Business Development Manager

Alex has travelled to over 50 countries, and is keen to keep adding to that number. Born and bred in Hong Kong, she has travelled extensively in Asia, as well as throughout Europe, USA, Australasia, Africa, and the Indian Ocean. South America is the one continent that eludes her, and it is top of her hit-list. She’s especially keen to visit Colombia, Argentina, and Peru - as soon as possible!

Alex’s passion is discovering the best places to stay and eat the world over, and she adores sharing this knowledge with clients.

Cindy Ho - Office Manager

Cindy has worked in the travel industry for 5 years now, and she loves the fact that it inspires her to travel to places she might never even have heard of if it weren't for her job! Cindy has been on some very interesting trips in recent years, including whale shark diving in Cebu and the Maldives, and discovering the spectacular Lake Kayangan and the Twin Lagoon in Coron in the Philippines.

Cindy is a phenomenally organised person, and this talent, combined with her love for travel, led her to organise a destination wedding in Da Nang for some very close friends recently. She enjoyed this experience so much that she has decided to do an Overseas Wedding and Honeymoon Consultant course in the near future in order to enhance her skills, so that she can one day organise more of these very special events.

Poppy Oulton - Global Location Scout

Poppy has always chosen to travel with any free time she has. On her adventures around the world, she seeks to find off-the-beaten-path experiences as well as the most beautiful places to rest her head. She also endeavours to immerse herself in the culture of a place in order to fully appreciate the destination. She believes that understanding the local people, craft, food, and history of each destination is essential in order to create a magical and unforgettable trip.

Poppy’s top three travel experiences that she would recommend to anyone are: The Northern Lights via Stockholm, a Dahabiya down the Nile River in Egypt with a pit stop at the pyramids of Giza, and camping in Tanzania or Kenya during the Great Migration. Without a doubt, you will be blown away by any one of these experiences!